The Importance of Destination Marketing

Tourism is a billion dollar industry in Virginia Beach. It provides nearly 13,000 jobs and pays for major public projects like the convention center and sand replenishment. While some projects are designed to attract tourists in support of this major industry, these projects also provide an enhanced quality of life for the residents; the amenities are available for their use without having to fund them (except through the discretionary restaurant tax). They are funded by dedicated taxes generated by tourism industry partners (hoteliers, restaurateurs and entertainment venues) imposed specifically to help pay for tourism-related projects. These projects help keep Virginia Beach relevant in the very competitive travel segment. Visitors to Virginia Beach also contribute about $56.4 million (about 10 cents on the property tax rate) to the City’s General Fund. This helps pay for essential City services like police, fire and emergency medical, schools, storm water and roads.

Why is destination marketing important?

Because destination marketing works, and the Virginia Beach CVB maintain an incredible record of driving growth in visitor spending.

Cities that cultivate a brand through effective travel promotion attract visitors whose spending create jobs for its residents and generate tax revenue.

Travel promotion marketing improves our city’s perception, which accelerates business and workforce development, infrastructure improvements, real estate purchases, even population growth. Before families book a vacation or meeting planners decide where to host a convention, or before home buyers contemplate buying a second home or high schools graduates consider where to attend college – first, it has to occur to them to visit.

That’s why travel promotion works.