Virginian-Pilot Editorial Board Supports Virginia Beach Tourism Product Development

Local newspaper The Virginian-Pilot published an editorial piece on the necessity for Virginia Beach to continually develop tourism product in order to be relevant in the future.

“The city also is heavily dependent on tourism dollars for its economy and tax base, and it must compete hard with other desirable destinations along the East Coast to attract out-of-state and in-state visitors. Today’s tourists still enjoy the beach experience, but many are increasingly looking for additional attractions, experiences and entertainment options to fill their vacation time.
If Virginia Beach wants to become more of a year-round option for visitors, the only way that will happen is with many more entertainment options beyond what is available now. The city is fortunate to have its Tourism Investment Program to help support some of those projects, but it’s important that those dollars be spent as part of a comprehensive, long-term plan to strengthen Virginia Beach’s appeal to tourists. One or two projects in the pipeline at any given time isn’t enough.”

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