Tourism Enables Local Businesses to Grow

“During my time living here, I feel that tourism has grounded the city and enabled it to make significant progress with new development, available jobs, exciting attractions and a wholesome place to raise a family. As long as the city continues to keep a good balance with managing the expectation of our visitors and locals alike, I feel tourism will show continued benefits to Virginia Beach.

Our company, Online Scene Solutions, is dedicated to ensuring our hotel clients have a great online reputation and that their guest comments are continually monitored and responded to on their behalf. This shows tourists looking to visit the VB area that these hotels are engaged with social media, demonstrate great customer service and want to understand the experience and needs of their visitors. Virginia Beach welcomes tourists year-round which in turn utilize lodging, restaurants and various other attractions and venues in the area enabling businesses like myself and others to also help supplement and support their business and the Virginia Beach economy.

Our beautiful city has tons to offer both residents and visitors from outside the 757 area. Having tourism here enables local businesses to grow, expand and adapt to the needs of those coming to visit while also adopting new ideas from them as well. This keeps our city fresh and hopefully will continue to motivate residents and businesses to prosper.”

Donna Cowan, Virginia Beach Resident & Business Owner, Online Scene Solutions